Dec 17, 2012


For me, baking is a part of Christmas season. So I spent most of my time this weekend in the kitchen. We only used recipes we found in 'Hilda - Mädchen und Kekse' (girls and cookies). It's a lovely eMag  (German only) where you can find cookie recipes and easy DIYs for homemade chai tea or herbal salt. They even added a PDF so you can print the recipes only. Check it out here or here.

December in Berlin

Winter's here. There was snow, beautiful snow, a white city. Santa Claus (Nikolaus) was here and left me a very sweet greeting. We went to the annual christmas bazaar in the church in Fuldastraße and we went to the 'Berliner Dom' to listen to Bach's Christmas Oratorio. I love this season and I can't to wait to spend time with my family this weekend.

Nov 8, 2012


Hello. I am Katharina. I am an interaction designer, working and living in Berlin. I love books, avocados and visiting new places.

After coming back from the most amazing yoga holiday in Thailand I feel like I am back to being my self, more relaxed, highly motivated to include more yoga in my life and, of course, to finally start this blog. Something I've been meaning to do for a very long time. So brace yourself, there's a lot I have to share.

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