Dec 17, 2012


For me, baking is a part of Christmas season. So I spent most of my time this weekend in the kitchen. We only used recipes we found in 'Hilda - Mädchen und Kekse' (girls and cookies). It's a lovely eMag  (German only) where you can find cookie recipes and easy DIYs for homemade chai tea or herbal salt. They even added a PDF so you can print the recipes only. Check it out here or here.

December in Berlin

Winter's here. There was snow, beautiful snow, a white city. Santa Claus (Nikolaus) was here and left me a very sweet greeting. We went to the annual christmas bazaar in the church in Fuldastraße and we went to the 'Berliner Dom' to listen to Bach's Christmas Oratorio. I love this season and I can't to wait to spend time with my family this weekend.