Sep 28, 2013

saturday song

martina topley-bird feat. mark lanegan - crystalised

hello fall

it's been a long time since i took the time for a blog post. summer felt so short and so long at the same time, it was intense. overwhelming. and i'm not quite ready for it to be over. i want to cherish it just a little bit longer. and also, i'm just not ready for the mean berlin winter to roll over me.
so here's to fall! 
last weekend we took the train out east to spend the weekend in the countryside with our friends. they just bought this huge piece of land, with a house and a huge garden. it's still a building site, and will be for a while. but i had the best time hanging out, picking apples, pears and plums ... we visited a vegetable farmer to buy fresh ingredients for our dinner. i sat in a rocking chair chatting away with maria while she cooked our meal. i almost forgot how calming a fire can be. and long walks in fresh air.
may there be many more weekends like this one and may fall delight us with sunshine and blue skies.

fall makes me want to celebrate thanksgiving this year. i want to have our tiny place filled with lovely people red wine and good food.