Jan 31, 2013


I'm back from a very lovely weekend in London. I finally visited my parents in their new home, I got to spend time with my dear friend who flew in from Cologne and I met my cousins. We spent day one in Chiswick, my parent's new neighborhood, where we checked out the bridal store and the local shopping street, High Road, mainly Carluccio's to recharge our caffeine batteries. 

Day two we headed to Soho where we found yumchaa, a lovely tea and coffee shop. It's really inconspicuous from the outside but light and friendly from the inside. They do have a great coffee, but are famous for their tea variety. All kinds are lined up on the counter, for you to smell and ease your choice. And of course, as a previous Hong Kong resident, I not only appreciate good tea but also am very fond of their name; yum chaa means drink tea in cantonese.

Jan 26, 2013

saturday song

the clash, london calling

no need to say more. yet. i'm looking forward to give a 
very british report once i'm back home. happy weekend!

Jan 22, 2013

london calling

i'm off to london! finally i get the chance to visit my parents in their new home. i was in love with the old home (ciao roma), but i've said my goodbyes and i'm ready for you now, london.
the best part is that one of my dearest is meeting me there and we'll get to spend some girl time.
parents, girls, weekend ... london here i come.

Images by Keri Brevan. Check out her etsy here.


i know, people have been talking about their resolutions for this year and they've moved on to talk about other things.
where i am still thinking about my resolutions. there are three of them.
one, no more meat eating. two, more and regular yoga practice. three, the spiritual quest of finding out what i really want to do. while the last one is an overall task for anybody and more abstract, i just realized that my first two resolutions actually belong together. in a way at least. i have been contemplating whether or not I should quit eating meat many many times. they are phases, where i turn the pros and cons of being a meat eater vs. vegetarian over and over. and then i have a burger. or a stake, because i decide that eating healthy and conscious is right, and a piece of good meat every once in while doesn't hurt (actually this is what i am thinking right now). 
but after i had another phase of thinking about vegetarianism i decided to give it a try. for once. without declaring myself as a vegetarian and without making a fuss about it. i decided that it wouldn't be a big change, since i hardly ever cook with meat anyway.
it's been two weeks since, i've failed once by accident (i had 'maultaschen' without thinking about the ingredients … so much to conscious) and yesterday i thought i'd fail again while having a meat crave like no other finding myself at the butchers bar in a shopping center. instead of buying a delicious salami i ran into the book section of the store to save myself (or my resolution). books make me calm. and stumbled upon this book. i've heard a lot about jonathan safran foer's book, good things and bad, i've read everything is illuminated and extremely loud and incredibly close and fell in love with these stories (and still need watch the movies). due to the circumstances i decided to go for this one as well. i am curious where it will take me on my journey. 

Jan 20, 2013

sunday song

david bowie, where are we now?

hope you had a lovely weekend!

Jan 13, 2013

coffee and books

Meeting my friend Ines for a coffee at Barcomi's I finally had time to visit the Gestalten Space. Next to selling their books and lovely things, they always have a small exhibition. Currently it's Here or there by Oliver Jeffers. I especially loved the chalk quotes on the black wall and the Mao pieces.

And being a designer (or a girl) I got very obsessed about their books. These are my top three (which I didn't buy, but I am still thinking about them).

Forever. The new Tattoo
I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for a long time, but I still haven't found that one thing I want to have on my body for the rest of my life. Or maybe I have. I dunno. Anyway, I found this book and I'm in love with it and I want to have it.

To me Food and Eating Design is the ultimate Interaction Design. It's culture, rituals, communication and the very basic act of sharing food. I love how different meals are 'orchastrated' and the act of having a meal, which we do ever so often without even thinking about it, becomes a new experience. And secondly, I enjoy how the tables, rooms and plates are set up.

Echoes of the Future 
Amazing, simple, beautiful, stunning graphic design and branding. Simply inspiring. I want it.

Jan 12, 2013

saturday song

Bill Withers, Ain't no Sunshine

My dear friend Maria just recorded this song with her band and just played it for me yesterday. It was amazing! But she's too shy to sing it for me ... until now ;) happy weekend!

Jan 5, 2013

saturday song

el guincho, bombay

i'm in love with this song. it makes me happy and instantly want to dance.
just the song to start the new year. happy weekend!

Jan 4, 2013


Welcome 2013. After a lovely night with friends, glitter, food, a doggy, play, booze and love - here you are. I know you will be a year of transition. A year full of changes and sensations. That makes me feel super excited and a little uneasy all at once. What will come and what will go?
When it comes down to it, you feel auspiciously promising, 2013.