Jan 8, 2014

super mario

i just stumbled upon this great freundevonfreunden interview with mario lombardo. what nice images of summer in berlin. though i did enjoy winter time, i am looking forward to the next summer in this city … and i just want to move in to that studio.

i first fell in love with mario lombardo's graphic and editorial work a couple of years back when i was still a student and his studio still in cologne. we actually interviewed him for a seminar and i remember being impressed how calm, polite and quiet he was for someone just becoming the next star in graphic design. how suitable that he gave his book he published with gestalten the title 'the tender spot'. i am still specifically fond of his work for liebling magazine and i still go through them for editorial and layout inspiration.

ps. they just moved into a new space.

Jan 5, 2014

a little bit of magic

happy 2014! may it be full of adventures, wonderful moments and special people.

Dec 8, 2013

sunday song

the bryan ferry orchestra, love is the drug

i love sundays. no matter what weather, be it snow or rain, hot or cold … cold and grey in this case.
the best excuse to sleep in, waste time at the breakfast table, hang around at home, candle light, hot chocolate, a good read and this album.

Dec 6, 2013

winter is here

it's been a while. work has kept me from … almost everything. but i have some stories and pictures to share in a little while. winter is here! the first snow just arrived today and i am counting the days to christmas. that is warm and fun family times, being away from the office, sleeping in, maybe even going out ..ha!

last weekend i had a christmas day and evening with some of my best friends. not all of us will be home for christmas so we decided to antedate our celebration. we let the day go by listening to cheesy christmas songs, baking, drinking wine and having a yummy dinner. such goods times. we're thinking of making a thanksgiving dinner next year.

what are you unto this weekend? we're planning to finally finish building our closet! and go to the christmas market (literally around the corner from our apartment) for some mulled wine. 

Nov 30, 2013

saturday song

asaf avidian, one day/reckoning song (wankelmut remix).

the best moment. dancing wild and crazy with my brother on my wedding day.

Nov 23, 2013

saturday song

the xx feat. florence welsh, you've got the love.

oh, how i love this song. and oh the memories, they bring a smile to face every single time i hear this song.