Jan 31, 2013


I'm back from a very lovely weekend in London. I finally visited my parents in their new home, I got to spend time with my dear friend who flew in from Cologne and I met my cousins. We spent day one in Chiswick, my parent's new neighborhood, where we checked out the bridal store and the local shopping street, High Road, mainly Carluccio's to recharge our caffeine batteries. 

Day two we headed to Soho where we found yumchaa, a lovely tea and coffee shop. It's really inconspicuous from the outside but light and friendly from the inside. They do have a great coffee, but are famous for their tea variety. All kinds are lined up on the counter, for you to smell and ease your choice. And of course, as a previous Hong Kong resident, I not only appreciate good tea but also am very fond of their name; yum chaa means drink tea in cantonese.

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