Feb 10, 2013


what do you do to keep your balance?
i've tried many things like running, softball, gym, but nothing ever really did it for me until i started yoga. practicing yoga simply makes me feel good. it makes me feel and appreciate my body more, it gives me the ability to relax and let go and it makes my mind calm. during practice i can work out and meditate at the same time.
i've had this feeling from day one with various yoga styles, but ever since i'm practicing jivamukti yoga i feel like an addict. i can't say that i am happy with my discipline, but i do go quite regularly and make it to the studio at least twice a week. for a working girl like me, it really feels like a lot. it seems like i'm  adapting my day schedule to the studio schedule. 
and i met and meet lovely people there, teachers and students, which makes it a lot more fun to go.
oh, and this is where i get back to my resolutions.
part of the jivamukti philosophy is a meatless diet, not to say a vegan one. while i am experimenting a vegetarian lifestyle veganism clearly isn't an option for me. veganism rarely is a topic during class, but though i am not a fan of 'preaching' i do feel like these questions should be raised so that people can make conscious decisions. so maybe my yoga practice will help me making my decision.
i'll be travelling to new york in march and i'm quite excited to practice at the studio where jivamukti was created. check out the berlin studio here.  

ps. i found some good advice for yogis that have problems with their wrists here. i really like this article because it aims at those details that are especially overlooked or forgotten in advanced classes.

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