Apr 15, 2013

new york, my love

i finally found the time to go through the pictures i took during my trip to new york. needless to say, that the model was an easy one to take pictures of, since new york welcomed us with sunshine and blue skies. oh, good times. what a wonderful trip.
next to the conference we visited the first two days, we spent most of the time eating delicious food and wandering brooklyn and manhattan.

we stayed in the quincy house in bed-stuy. so on our way to the G-line each morning we stopped by the wonderful scratch-bread for coffee and a scone or popover or oatmeal chunky or flatbread sandwich.
on sunday though we spend the morning at tiny-cup, where i had the best bagel of my life, well my entire stay at least. seriously, if the guy you can see in the picture would have been a well enough singer or um ... not there, egg-avocado-tomato bagel plus a good black coffee, heaven.

i just realized this is the new york breakfast post - and in case it isn't obvious, i love breakfast - so one last place we discovered in dumbo, west elm's market. i resisted buying soap, candles and various kitchen goods and decided to just have coffee (and a bagel from the nearby bagel shop) and browse through their lovely cook books. Next to selling very nice things, they also are very nice people working there, letting us hang out with their coffee but other place's bagels (germans, we should follow this example).

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