Nov 10, 2013


i've enjoyed a wonderful week in london. off of work, visiting my parents, enjoying fall's sunny and rainy days and being in britain. it felt so good to sleep in and just live to the day. although i couldn't quite keep myself from checking my emails at least once a day. i am such an addict …
but i also got around to do some cultural program. we visited windsor castle, which was quite interesting actually, although i was disappointed that the queen wasn't there that sunday afternoon. and we also went to saatchi gallery to see some contemporary art. by the way it's amazing, in london most museums are admission free. i especially liked the installation by richard wilson, the paper installations and these children's portraits.

one afternoon my mom took me for a tea time date at the mansion. it was such great fun. you usually go to a hotel bar or parlor in the afternoon time. they ask to make a the tea choice from the menu and then you are served all sorts of goodies; sandwiches, chocolate, cake but always scones with clotted cream and marmalade. i love it.

i also had coffee with my cousins, went to see the commitments, did a little shopping and binged on some tv shows. did i already mention how much i love fall? i love fall. and i'm actually looking forward to winter.

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  1. i've never been to london but would love to go someday - lovely pictures!