Mar 13, 2013


Last night I stumbled upon this amazing blog letters of note, correspondence deserving a wider audience. I got so immersed in reading these personal, deep and lovely letters, time just slipped away. Finally I lay awake in bed thinking about the great value of receiving a hand-written note from a loved one in the distance. And how lucky I am to receive one every once in a while. It also left me with the intention of writing letters and notes more often. But what stuck with me most was the notion of being especially thankful and emotional about the letters from my parents.
So here's a small collection of letters from parents to their children.

Ted Hughes to his 24 year old son Nicholas: Live like a mighty river
Ronald Reagan to his 26 year old soneMichael before his wedding: Love, Dad
F. Scott Fiztgerald to his 11 year old daughter Scottie: Things to worry about
Leo Babauta: Advice to my children

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