Mar 13, 2013


do you know the feeling of having relationships not only with people but also with cities? it happens to me on a regular basis. and spending a lot of time at home (go away you nasty flu) lately made me especially think of the city relationships that ended last year. rotterdam was the easier one to let go of, for many reasons, but it's a nice and exciting place to visit, and i've been missing it these days.

we had the chance to spend our final weekend there at the wonderful hotel new york. seriously, if you ever have the chance to visit, do! even if it's just for breakfast or tea time in their restaurant. it's definitely worth a walk to that side of the (old) harbour and the wilhemina pier. take a peek into the old barber shop as well!
once your there, the museum of photography with a very recommendable interactive exhibition, and the lantaren venster where you can watch english movies, are near.
i can also recommend lebcov & sons for coffee and a hummus sandwich close to the central station.

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