Mar 22, 2013

NYC here I come!

i am so excited! Only four more days to go before i leave for NEW YORK! in my mind, i'm already packing my bags and picturing myself in the big city. i can't wait. the main excuse to go was/is iGDN, the founding conference of the international Gender Design Network, which will take place at Parsons and is hosted by my former professor Dr. Uta Brandes. and she asked me and two of my friends (also co-workers) to give a talk! it's only a short input session, but i am still ... nervous.

and then there's catching up with an old friend, getting to know jenni's new york, going to the moma, ps 1, coney island to re-experience childhood memories and just taking it all in!
do you have any special recommendations for me?

image above via maquimk

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